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REVIEW - Burning Desire - Peppapot

Updated: Apr 25

Habaneros, coconut, ginger, lime and garlic. This is good! Coconut and lime do a lot of the obvious heavy lifting, but that background of ginger and garlic holds it. You do need a good spoonful to get the most of that coconut and a good spoonful leads to a little bit of habanero anguish. Writing this paragraph I’ve almost got through a quarter of the bottle and I slightly regret it. Sharp tingly pain through my mouth and quite sore on my tongue. But frankly, I’m just waiting for the pain to go so I can try it again. It’s just under 5% habaneros, which sounds low but is actually quite a nice lump of pepper when you’re talking habanero.

In some hot sauces where the lime has been prominent I’ve found it overwhelming, even synthetic, but this is alright. It’s sharp but not too much.

This is a serious foodie sauce - a proper recipe - and that’s one of the distinguishing features of the Burning Desire company. They have some interesting blends of ingredients. I wasn’t overwhelmed by their chipotle sauce but later in the year I’m going to pick up some more of types - their mango and habanero is tempting.

Having said this, and looking down their list, they do seem to be more about the superhot sauces. They rate Peppapot as a 5/10 in terms of heat, which I only partly agree with. In small amounts this feels like a medium sauce, sure, but taking a good tablespoon or two - which you want to get the best of the flavours - turns it up to a 7. This is a factor that makes rating sauces almost impossible. Some sauces stay around the same mark beginning to end (their chipotle is rated 4/10, for instance, and that felt right however much I ate) but this Peppapot accelerates a good deal. I would like to try the Solaris Sevenpot Scorpion, but if they rate that as an 8/10, three points higher than this one, it might not be worth it. I’m up for a bit of pain but I don’t want it to overwhelm the flavours.

£6.00 per 150ml / £40.00 per litre

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