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REVIEW: Heriot Hott - Charred Peach, Scotch Bonnet & Spiced Rum

That list of ingredients got me. When I started the hot sauce journey I was loving the sauces that highlighted the individual characteristics of the peppers (they still intrigue me) but now I’m looking out for unusual and interesting flavour profiles. The one sounds good.

The smell is… odd. Maybe that’s the charred peach. Or maybe the spice from the rum. The flavour is difficult to pinpoint too. You can identify the peach I think but the first impression is of something else - something that’s not meant to be food. I think it might be new shoes. New trainers. Something like that.

Yes, you can identify those key listed flavours, but I don’t think you’d guess them without being prompted. I’m actually not getting a great deal of flavour at all. And as it’s such a mild sauce - there’s not much heat here - the flavour seems even more important.

This isn’t a winner for me. I love the ambition with the flavour combination and ingredients and I like the thought that’s going into the presentation of the sauce. The label is as orange as the sauce and comes with a lively description of the flavours (they don’t mention shoes). The lid is sealed with orange wax, which looks good and is distinctive, even if it is a pain picking off the wax a bit at a time. And I like that they have a house illustrator and give them prominence on their website. They have a distinctive style, that character on the label appearing on each bottle, I believe, as a kind of hot sauce alchemist, which is fun.

I just don’t like the sauce.

The company’s making an effort and they have some sauces that sound great, like the mango, habanero and saffron, although having tried this peach one I probably wouldn’t risk the Cherry Bourbon and Vanilla Barbeque or their Louisiana-style Seaweed, but maybe some of the simpler flavours

£5.99 per 150ml / £39.89 per litre

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