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The Baccatum Resurgence

Confession: I dismissed a whole species. The Baccatums. I have two Baccatum types growing, the Peach Sugar Rush Stripey and the Zebrange, and to be honest I’d given up on the plants. They grew very slowly and looked pathetic the first month or so. The Zebrange had been given to me and they weren’t a variety I was especially fussed about growing as I’d heard they weren’t the best-flavoured and that they relied on the unusual colour of their fruits for their popularity. As for the Peach Stripey, they were so pathetic as seedlings that I kind of gave up on them too. I thought maybe one would survive and maybe I’d get a pepper or two, but they were so dismal next to the raging Annuums that I had already relegated them in my pepper priorities.

I was wrong. I admit it. I’m convinced. Baccatums are great.


The past two weeks these plants have been catching my eye. The fragile foliage of those seedlings has suddenly turned into these lovely, broad, elongated heart-shaped leaves and they’re just soaking up the sunshine.


I suspect I have a secret Baccatum too. The bunch of young mystery plants I gave away last week had a range of varieties in it and I kept back just two plants for myself. One of them has accelerated just like the Zebrange and Peach Stripey in the past fortnight and the leaves are looking a similar shape. Now, of the forty possible varieties that came in that little pack of mystery seeds, I believe only two were Baccatums, so if I am right then this should be either a Bishops Crown or an Aji Amarillo. Let’s keep an eye on it.


I don’t know why, but May is the month of the Baccatum. If they carry on like this they might well become my favourite species and I’m already looking at other varieties for next year. Recommendations always appreciated.

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