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REVIEW: Wiltshire Chilli Company - Golden Bonnet

Ah, this is good. You can smell the hot peppers as soon as you open the bottle - a sharpness heightened by the acid of the pineapple. It’s a deep, murky colour that might once have been related to ‘golden’ or ‘yellow’ but has matured and filthed since then. This has great chilli flavour from those Scotch Bonnets and a solid heat. It says it is 5/5 for heat and it is warm, but I’ve just come off the 7 Pot Pineapple from Singularity (which ranks itself 4/5) and this is not as hot as that. It does have a slow, lingering heat at the back of the mouth and throat. I like this one a lot. This is an everyday proper hot sauce - simple and flavoursome.

Some Scotch Bonnet hot sauces add a tiny amount of some dramatic superhot - Reapers, Nagas, etc. - as a gimmick, and I like that this sauce is enjoying what it actually is. This is all Scotch Bonnet and yellow pepper - very few other ingredients in there. This one's being added to my list of Essential Hot Sauces...

£7 per 140ml / £50 per litre

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