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REVIEW: Wiltshire Chilli Company - Fruity Chilli Sauce

After a couple of weeks of heavier reviews this one's pretty straightforward.

Dark and thick and sweet with no heat to speak of, this is basically a smooth chutney, complete with onion, ginger, apples and sultanas. At the end there’s a very gentle tingling on the lips, which suggests it might have some chilli in it, but some people might not notice this at all. This is a tasty, grandma-safe sauce - good with a pasty - but too much like a blitzed chutney for me.

I almost wonder if I got an anomalous bottle. The website says this should be a 2 out of 5 in terms of heat but this isn't that. As it stands, I'm thinking if I want a smooth Branston pickle I could get twice as much for half the price at Asda.

£5 per 140ml / £35.71 per litre

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