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REVIEW: The Lazy Scientist - Guzzalo

This is the first Buffalo Hot Sauce I’ve reviewed here, which is an oversight. Generally speaking, Buffalo sauce is a normal hot sauce (like the everyday ones) that has been mixed with butter, and often with honey and Worcestershire sauce too. It’s a 1960s invention and named after where it came from - Buffalo, New York. So this Guzzalo is basically a classic Buffalo sauce, with oregano and habaneros as extras.

It’s been made for Brixton’s Guzzl food shop and has a picture of a wild boar on the front with rounds of ammunition strapped to its chest, which isn’t really explained.

But the sauce is great. It’s smooth as mayonnaise and a lovely shiny orange colour, buttery rich. The flavours all work together really well, to the extent that I’ve been struggling to be able to say what is dominant. I do suspect the Worcestershire sauce and garlic are doing some heavy lifting, but nothing stands out other than buttery richness, which suggests how well balanced this sauce is. The base sauce used is apparently cayenne with an addition of habaneros to give it a kick.

The heat is lovely - not challenging but definitely present. Buffalo sauces are designed for chicken wings, but I found myself reaching for the Guzzalo this morning to pour on a piece of bread at breakfast. It probably won’t make it through the weekend...


£6.95 for 150ml / £46.29 per litre.

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