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REVIEW: The Garlic Farm - Vampire Slayer

Quite a pale sauce and apparently made from cayennes, so there’s none of the posturing of some of the other sauces that list their superhot habanero hybrids in their ingredients lists. Presumably using cayennes means they can have a higher chilli fruit percentage.

As a note to my sauce-making self, cayennes and Scotch Bonnets are proving to be the most commonly used central chilli fruits on these sauces. It's these that provide the main chilli flavours and heats, with other fruits used for flavouring and the celebrity superhots used either to genuinely add a more ferocious heat or just to scare.

The first flavour shows that slight lime - nowhere near as much garlic as I expected from a Garlic Farm sauce - but these early flavours make way for the heat quite quickly. The lasting experience is of the heat in your mouth - quite intense on the tongue and lingering. It’s very hot, and a little painful for a couple of minutes after, but it’s not unmanageable. It is heat rather than flavour until maybe five minutes later, when the smoked paprika comes through and a little more of the garlic.

We grow lots of Isle of Wight garlic varieties alongside our chillies and if you visit their farm and shop this is definitely one to add to your haul, along with a pot of black garlic and plenty of bulbs. This isn't an everyday sauce for me but it has stories and memories.

£6.95 for 150ml / £46.29 per litre.

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