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REVIEW: Singularity Sauce Co. - Pi-Ro

Okay, I don’t understand Singularity’s rating system. The 7-Pot was a 4 out of 5 in their heat rating and this is just one point down - a 3 out of 5. But I’ve just had a big spoonful and it’s a gulf of difference. There’s no pain here, only a light warmth. I’m going to have another spoonful.

It’s a nice sauce. Hardly any sweetness and all the key flavours are fermented, which make for a nice journey through this sauce. The first and most powerful flavour is those lovely fermented red peppers, which come from a mash along with some Caroline Reapers, although it is the red pepper flavour that comes through. Black pepper spice is quite prominent too as the sauce stays around, and then at the end the garlic (also fermented) comes in quite prominently. So there are three big flavours. 

Maybe now I’m starting to understand the rating system. That heat has really built after the event.

The sauce is a bright orangey-red with flecks of that black pepper. The mention of those Reapers is probably misleading. The heat, I suspect, comes primarily from the second mash, which is fermented Scotch Bonnets. It was designed in collaboration with The Gaff, a swanky-looking pizza takeaway in Aberdeenshire.

That heat did build a bit but it doesn’t last too long. A nice length of time actually. This is a good journey too. It starts off mild, builds to a good warm-to-hot tingle throughout the mouth, then dies back a bit and sits there a while. It feels like it’s going to hurt but just falls shy. I’m enjoying this one. And I understand the rating system now.

£7.00 per 150ml / £46.66 per litre

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