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REVIEW: Singularity Sauce Co. - Everyday Hot Sauce

Singularity is a company from Aberdeen with a really interesting range of sauces. I’ve picked up a handful and want to start with the unambitiously and unambiguously titled Everyday Hot Sauce. I like everyday sauces - the ones you pull out with just about everything - they don’t intrude too much and just add an easy tasty heat to whatever. That’s exactly what this does.

The colour is a nice, bright orangey-red with tiny flecks of the cayenne mash. It’s a very thin sauce - more than once I drenched my chips by accident or had to mop up a spillage with a piece of bread. The flavours are pretty standard. It begins and it ends with paprika - both sweet and smoked - and a bit of garlic. Paprika is the flavour that lingers. Nothing surprising or risky here.

So in one way it is exactly what it says on the bottle. It is an everyday sauce and tastes as you might expect a hot sauce to taste. No-one will be offended by this sauce. It has a sociable heat, definitely present but not painful. For this reason (and because of my ineptitude pouring the stuff) I know this sauce will not last long here. It will be finished in no time. On the other hand, it would not be the one I would naturally reach for first. For an everyday sauce I would still (so far) probably reach for the Delab’Ole or Fruity One. Partly, of course, that's geography. I can find those Cornish sauces just around the corner from me, or on my way back from work.

But it's nice. And it’s cheap. Most of the sauces from the Singularity website are around £7.00 for 150ml, which is pushing up the scale, but this simple one is £4.50, which makes it the cheapest I’ve tried so far. And if you like it, they have a 500ml option too, making it an everyday sauce that will last more than a week or two. I'm eyeing Singularity's 7-Pot next.

£4.50 for 150ml / £29.97 per litre.

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