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REVIEW: Singularity Sauce Co. - 7-Pot Pineapple

This is a serious sauce, and probably the best packaging I’ve seen so far. The hot pink and the shimmery silver foiling are immediately attractive. Hot sauce packaging is often pretty one-dimensional. They like the gothic, heavy metal geek kind of vibe. Even this one has what looks at a glance like pineapples on the front but turns out to be a pineapple hand grenade composite.

This sauce is a vibrant, deep, golden yellow in colour (it goes well with the pink!) with a few dangerous-looking flecks of seed. The slightly aggressive sweet acidity of the pineapple feels appropriate for this level of warmth. On that warmth, this is a hefty sauce. It rates itself a four out of five, but this is hotter than any of the Cornish and Wiltshire 5/5 sauces I’ve tried so far, which suggests this is a serious hot sauce company.

I’ve tried this one on a range of dishes and found it goes well with tomato dishes - pastas and pizzas - as well as on its own. I love it. But it hurts. But I love it. But I've had too much again.

Around a minute after I’d put the sauce away in the fridge for the first time the roof of my mouth felt a thick, hard punch of heat. Next time, it was my tongue that yielded first. Let’s have another go - a soup spoonful on a piece of bread. Yep, definitely the tongue. This one makes my shortlist of favourites so far.

£7.50 for 150ml / £50 per litre

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