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REVIEW: Screaming Chimp - Original

Hot Ketchup. That’s what this is. Tomatoes and heat. Simple and effective. Done.

I’ve criticised too much tomato in some of the Chipotle sauces but this is just tomato and heat. Full mouth heat, too, and then tongue and back of the throat. It’s a heat that suggests the blend of peppers used here, which apparently includes Fatali, Orange Habanero, Lemon Drop, Birdseye, Bhut Jolokia and Chipotle. That’s quite a blend. Hot peppers only comprise 4% of the recipe, but this is a strong 4%. Some sauces have higher percentages and lower heat, in spite of apparently using super hots, but this is an honest heat. You can’t miss it.


The company says this was the first sauce they made and I’m sold.


If you want a solid, hot tomato ketchup for everyday use, this might be the one.


£6 per 150ml / £39.96 per litre

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