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REVIEW: Screaming Chimp - Mango & Papaya

The big flavour here is mango. The sauce looks and tastes just like pureed mango. It’s bright yellowy orange, smooth as ketchup and sweet as mango lassi. Then there’s a little warmth - very light.

Is it too sweet? I’m struggling to think what I’d get this out for. The bottle recommends the usual sorts of stuff - prawns, etc. - and I guess that could be okay, but I wonder what it would be like on desserts too. Hmm.

I love mango so I like the flavour here, but as a hot sauce I can’t imagine wanting to use it regularly, and that’s got to be a negative point against it, hasn’t it? Hot sauces have a relatively short life in the fridge once you’ve opened them so you need to be able to come back to it. I’ll try to find something to use it on all in one go. That will be fine, but it’s not ideal financially.

So it’s nice, and I’d love to see some kitchen experiments with this one, but I probably won’t be buying it again.

£6 per 150ml / £39.96 per litre

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