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REVIEW: Pembrokeshire Chilli Farm - Ghost Tears

I picked up a few sauces from Pembrokeshire Chilli Farm the other day. They seem to be a pretty unfussy kind of company - the designs are plain text over coloured labels with the very simple logo of two chillies. There are no frills here. They make around 10 sauces, all of them using chillies they grow on the farm themselves and they have some predictable-sounding styles named after the kinds of chillies they use - Chipotle, Scorpion, Ghost, etc. This one uses 3% Ghost chillies for the heat. 3% doesn’t sound like much but Ghosts are superhot.

Opening the bottle there’s a strong smell of orange peppers, which are the main ingredient here, and a little mango too. It smells great. The colour is a vibrant translucent orange and it pours quickly.  

Immediately when you taste this one there’s a prickle of heat and again that mango fruit. It tastes strongly of mango and the sweetness feels like it comes from the fruit rather than from additional sugar. This is a lovely sauce. Hot and sweet and fruity.

With some sauces the heat builds, or seems delayed, but this is there from the beginning and that’s what you get. The gentle sting or prickle.

This is great. I kind of think Wales has some of the best plants, products and ingredients in the chilli world at the moment. I want to write something about a grower or two in a post maybe next week, but in the meantime Ghost Tears is going straight on my (increasing) list of favourites.

£6.50 per 150ml / £43.33 per litre

NB Unusually, the sauce measures itself in grams rather than ml. It is 165g but it is in the standard 150ml bottle so I have converted to ml.

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