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REVIEW: Lazy Scientist - Stockwell Sunshine

I picked up a handful of Lazy Scientist sauces recently and they’re all kind of funky. One has blueberry in it, another has stout, and this one has pineapple and turmeric. The company’s based in London and has won a ton of awards for their sauces, with lively designs and a broad range of sauces.

The pineapple and lime give this a nice tang, but it’s not as sharp as I expected. It actually tastes really sweet and bright. It’s bright in all possible ways. The sauce itself is a vibrant yellow, which is almost certainly the result of the turmeric as much as the pineapple. I wouldn’t have guessed the turmeric flavour without the label, but now they mention it I think I can taste it and it really works nicely. It’s subtle, like the ginger is here.

The heat does not strike immediately, giving you time to enjoy the flavours, but it is definitely there. These are the sorts of flavours you want to eat by the bucketload and that’s when the heat hits. It’s only 2% scotch bonnet, which is quite low really, but because you would eat twice as much of this sauce as you would some others the heat mounts up.

I would eat this every day of the week. The sharpness, sweetness and heat will work with just about everything. This one won’t last long.

£6.95 per 150ml / £46.33 per litre

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