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REVIEW: Lazy Scientist - Brixton Blues

Odd flavour. Slightly reminds me of some of the smoked sauces from earlier, which is probably the Chipotle coming through. The blueberries are not a major flavour but there is a distinct fruitiness in here mixing with the garlic and the smokiness. This is a savoury sauce, rooted in the red pepper, and the blueberries are doing a similar job to the sweet oddness of the Buckfast wine in the Heretic sauce reviewed recently.

Now, heat-wise this hits straight away but does not feel hotter than the Stockwell Sunshine. I mention this because the Sunshine only has 2% Scotch Bonnet in it. That’s it. This Brixton Blues, however, says it has 18% Scotch Bonnet, with a further 1% Carolina Reaper and 2% Chipotle. The flavour of the hot peppers is definitely here and I like it, but this should be loads hotter than the Sunshine and it’s not. The heat feels fuller and more immediate, and it lasts a little longer after, but it is not more intense.

The aesthetic of these sauces is quite funky. Lots of multicoloured lightning bolts on them all and references to the places they’re named after. On this one is the Brixton Academy, with those yellow lightning bolts and floating red chillies all over it and bubble writing. Quite busy but nice and energetic.  

I like this. Really good hot sauce. The blueberries, although foregrounded in the description, are not overwhelming in the flavour, which is probably wise, but simply lift what’s already there. So far I’ve liked all of these Lazy Scientist sauces and I've got one more here to try. I think I’m just going to go straight into it.

£6.95 per 150ml / £46.33 per litre

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