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REVIEW: Khoo's Hot Sauce - Plum Breakfast

I may not have said this before now, but a side-purpose this year as I try all of these hot sauces is to find the perfect pasty condiment. Is this Plum Breakfast the right direction?


Sauce with pasties is controversial but I know people who swear by brown sauce and that’s effectively what this is. It’s a brown sauce with more spice, more fruit and a bit of warmth. It has the malt vinegar and molasses of a brown sauce (like Daddies and HP), but in place of the dates this one has prunes, figs and sultanas, so it has a more complex flavour. It also has a slightly sharper tang than the supermarket brown sauces, presumably from those 42% plums and the vinegar.


The pepper varieties listed are Habanero and 7 Pot Brain Strain, which would suggest a fierce heat, but as we know by now these can be misleading and this sauce has a mild, mellow warmth that is hardly noticeable.


The label is slightly peculiar. I quite like the Wild West kind of typography of the Khoo’s brand, and I guess we have to let companies get away with ruining their designs with those ‘great taste’ award stickers, but the central image is a tiny bit unnerving. It’s just a plum on first glance, with some crumpled green chillies scattered around it. But actually the plum is a head with a face and the face does not look at all well.

I should note that the price on this is very good. £2 a pot lower than the Lazy Scientist I reviewed a couple of days ago. (I might do a follow up on prices and geography to see whether companies based in different parts of the UK come with different price points.)

I'll have to make pasties tonight to test this out.

£4.95 per 150ml / £32.97 per litre

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