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REVIEW - Great Scott Hot Sauce - Cajun Komodo Dragon

After adding their Peach and Habanero to my list of favourites I was looking forward to this one. It’s a very thick sauce - the colour and texture of satay sauce - with some tiny lumps of something or other (probably onion) and a few flecks of red pepper.

The sauce is named after the Komodo Dragon chilli - a pepper apparently developed by Salvatore Genovese, who is best known for growing massive quantities of hot peppers and supplying them to supermarkets, including the insanely hot Komodo Dragon. The Komodo Dragon is a pepper often ranked as one of the hottest in the world so this can’t be the main pepper in this sauce. In terms of heat level the Cajun Komodo is medium-hot so presumably the heat and the red pepper flecks I can see are mostly from the Cayennes listed below the Komodo Dragons on the ingredients. Probably for the best.


This is a strongly spiced savoury sauce with cumin and coriander prominent, and there’s a tiny bitter taste in the back of the mouth to begin with. The heat builds a bit, which is more characteristic of the Komodo Dragon, and moves forward in the mouth, even to the lips but especially on the tongue, as it builds. It’s a nice heat when it arrives and I kind of like the lingering flavour slightly more than the initial flavour.


I’m becoming a fan of Great Scott.


£5.00 for 150ml / £33.33 per litre

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