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REVIEW: Great Scott - Bajan Scotch Bonnet

I’ve had a lot of mild sauces lately so this one took me by surprise. It isn’t raging but it’s got a sharp kick. It’s a Bajan sauce - my first, I think - which basically means it’s a mustard hot sauce. Mustard, vinegar and onion seem to be the usual key ingredients, and this one has a bit of lime, which I can’t really taste but I think it must be heightening the pickle flavours.

The pickled mustard flavour of Bajan pepper sauce is quite distinctive - it’s a bit like an angry piccalilli. It's a murky mustard colour and really thick. I needed to wedge a fork handle down the neck to get to the stuff.

The mustard makes the Scotch Bonnet feel meaner. It’s an unusual flavour and I suspect it won't be for everyone but I like it. Another style to experiment with in the kitchen after the Buffalo sauce earlier in the week. Both the Bajan and the Buffalo are from companies I'm enjoying, the Buffalo from London’s Lazy Scientist and the Bajan from Cornwall’s Great Scott. I'm going to keep an eye on their websites late summer, when the chilli harvests are coming in, to see what new sauces pop up on their website.

£5.00 per 150ml / £33.33 per litre

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