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REVIEW - Cornish Smoke Squad - The Smoky One

This company has nailed the branding, I think. The regional foodie will not be put off this, but there’s a definite illustrative design going on and a consistency across the sauces, which should be attractive nationally too. The smoky one has classic black and purple colours - quite cool colours. I like them.

And I’m loving chipotle at the moment. This chipotle hot sauce is like a sweet, smoky barbecue sauce. It’'s a rich reddish brown in colour, smooth and thick and very easy to eat, slightly spiced and with a very mild heat. The combination of tomato, sweetness and allspice make it almost fruity, while that rich sweetness comes from a mix of treacle and dark brown sugar, both listed high up the ingredient hierarchy. It’s going down very easily and very quickly. Basically, anything for which you might like a barbecue sauce, use this instead. I would buy it by the litre if I could.

Thinking on that, it could almost be a criticism. Something to think about at least. For a hot sauce, the price point is standard at £5 a bottle, but mellow sauces like these will be used in quantities like a ketchup - by the tablespoon - while sauces like the Ghost Ship, Vampire Slayer or Fiyah in D’Bole will be used by the teaspoon. Does the good colour and the mellow warmth justify the price? A standard barbecue sauce in the supermarket will be £3 or £4 for somewhere around 400 or 500ml, which translates to between £6 and £10 per litre. The Smoky One translates as £33.33 per litre. I would much rather have The Smoky One in the fridge, but cost is a concern. I guess I just wish the bottle wasn’t already nearly empty. I only just opened it.

£5 per 150ml / £33.33 per litre

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