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REVIEW: Cornish Smoke Squad - The Mexican One

Nope. Unless there’s a use in cooking this one’s not for me. Primarily vinegar and sugar, nevertheless the overwhelming flavour is the lime juice, which tastes like the bottled stuff rather than the fresh stuff. There’s no discernible heat here and I’m not getting any chilli flavour. Not sure this should really be called a ‘hot sauce’. This bottle was a gift after I’d raved so fanatically over the company’s Fruity One so I’m going to have to find a use for it but this is not what I’m here for.

P.S. I found a use. I had forgotten to pick up limes for a Tom Yum soup so used a dose of this stuff. It was fine. I reckon it will work as a marinade too. It might be best to think of it as an ingredient rather than as a condiment.

£5.00 for 150ml / £33.33 per litre

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