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REVIEW: Cornish Smoke Squad - The Fruity One

I love this. In appearance it is smooth, thick and bright yellow. It swells sweet and the two key ingredients are immediately clear - there is the sweet fruitiness of the mangos (50%) and the sweet hot fruitiness of the habaneros (10%). Towards the end of the flavour, there is also a touch of garlic and lime, slightly sharpening the taste and working with the sweetness and heat beautifully. The ingredients say ginger too.

The heat from the habaneros is definitely warming, but it is not so hot you can’t eat the sauce. I lathered a slice of baguette in the stuff and my lips are tingling and my mouth swimming in sweet fruity flavours. I could eat this stuff all day.

The company is based on the Tregony Industrial Estate on the Ruan Lanihorne road just beyond Tregony. (I’m pretty sure I did a community radio show here a million years ago, probably about the poet Jack Clemo.)

This is the first of the Cornish Smoke Squad’s sauces I’ve tried and it’s possibly my new favourite hot sauce. I could use it everyday. The heat is present but the flavours of the sauce are the priority and they’re very, very pleasing.

£5.00 for 150ml / £33.33 per litre

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