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REVIEW: Cornish Chillies - Tomm Sows

The name means 'hot sauce' in Cornish. I like the name more than the sauce, which tastes medicinal to me. I keep returning to it in the fridge, hoping I’ll like it, but I just can’t.

They’ve gone for the gimmick of using ‘Indian chillies like Bhut Jolokia’ in their description, which is misleading. I say it’s misleading because this is the only chilli type they list and the Bhut Jolokia, or Ghost Pepper, is a superhot - one of the hottest chillies ever. It used to be officially the hottest chilli in the world. So listing it suggests this ought to be hot - really hot. I mean, if they used it in a meaningful way. But this is a mild sauce, so there must be only the slightest trace of Ghost Pepper - just enough to justify listing it. But this is a mild sauce. It is not a recognisable relation to the Bhut Jolokia at all.

So I’m not impressed for a couple of reasons. I’m not keen on the flavour and I think listing the Bhut Jolokia suggests it’s a kind of sauce it’s really not.

I should add, while this sauce is not for me, clearly there are knowledgeable people in disagreement: Tomm Sows was a Taste of the West Gold Award winner a few years back.

I’m going to try their Jamaican Gold sauce in a while. I have it lined up in the fridge already.

£5.00 for 150ml / £33.33 per litre

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