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REVIEW: Bumblebee Cottage - Delab 'ole

Ah okay, this is much softer than the last Bumblebee Cottage sauce. Only three chillies out of five on this one. Rusty orange in colour with tiny flecks of black pepper and more easily pourable than their Fiyah. This is a sweet, tasty, mild everyday sauce, very easy to eat and flavourful on its own. You can feel the chilli in the tang, but a sauce like this is all about the flavour, which comes from roasted red peppers and a nice balance of paprika and garlic.

I’m starting to become more aware of the designs of these sauces now, and the culture that’s suggested by these designs. There’s a definite aesthetic and expectation to hot sauce design, which I think I’m going to try to unpack a bit in a separate post. The Cornish sauces I have lined up for future posts don’t seem to play into the general hot sauce aesthetic. Instead of the death and horror and arse references in many chilli sauce designs, Bumblebee Cottage and Cornish Chillies prefer plain background and text only, Bumblebee with colourful background colours and Cornish Chillies with a plain black across their range. I wonder if the Cornish sauces are targeting foodie visitors to Cornwall more than chilli fanatics.

The exception to this rule of text only designs is the Cornish Smoke Squad. Maybe I’ll say a bit more about their designs when I review The Smoky One in a few weeks, but it's notable that they're also the only Cornish hot sauce appearing on the Bauce Brothers' Sauce Awards. In the meantime, if any reader of this post wants to share some favourite hot sauce label designs please get in touch. I can see my favourite so far - from a Scottish company - sitting in the fridge…

Back to the sauce. The company suggests using this one on prawns and I can imagine king prawns with some of this stuff all over them working perfectly. But this is an

easy-eating table sauce, tasty, warming and mild, and I’ll use it on everything. It won’t last long at all!

£5.25 for 150ml / £35.00 per litre

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