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Free Hot Pepper Plants!

I have some chilli plants to give away. When ordering seeds from a grower in Wales I was given a free pack of mixed hot pepper seeds. Forty seeds! I planted them and now I have a ton of young healthy-looking pepper plants ready to give away. If you’re in Cornwall or passing through Cornwall soon, you’re welcome to have one. Honestly, I don’t have space for them all and can’t keep them.

There is a tiny catch. The chilli man sent the seeds in a single little bag - the seeds unlabelled. There is no way of telling what each one is. Not until they fruit anyway. And they’re wildly different.


Now, I have a list of the varieties included in the little bag and looking down this list there are some lovely, interesting, tasty varieties like the Black Jalapeno, Cantina, Big Jamaican and Aji Cajamarca. There are some unusual, rare and fancy varieties like the Takanotsume, Cheiro do Norte, Bishop’s Crown, Krishna Jolokia and Monkey Face, which look fantastic. And there are also a couple of monsters on the list, including the Carolina Reaper, Dorset Naga and Ghost Pepper.


If you want a plant, let me know. I’ll put your name on it.

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