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REVIEW: South Devon Chilli Farm - Habanero Hot Sauce

I was a bit worried about this one. The sauce looks quite like the Chipotle sauce from South Devon, which I tried a while ago and it basically just tasted of onion and vinegar. This one does have onion front and centre, but it also has a sweet flavour. They combine to generate something almost like raspberries - that must come from the combination of the onion, earthy carrot and fruity pepper.


It’s warm, with a heat that builds at the back of the mouth and towards the throat but it is not as hot as some of the other Habanero sauces I’ve tried recently (like the Chilli Alchemist’s ‘Pure’), which makes this usable as a punchy everyday sauce. The onion base means that it will serve different sorts of dishes than the sauces that are rooted in bell peppers or tomatoes. Basically anything you would eat with a sweet onion relish.

You can probably tell I'm not massively enthused, so we'll be quick. This won't be anyone's favourite sauce, but I’ve not really been getting on with the South Devon sauces except for that series of simple single variety ones right at the beginning. I love the company so I’ll persevere.

£4.95 per 140ml / £35.36 per litre

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