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REVIEW - Pip's Hot Sauce - Boca del Diablo

This is Pip’s original and classic sauce. Immediate smell of red peppers when you open the bottle, and it’s a nice bright orangey red with good viscosity and flecks of pepper. It looks like this might be a good everyday sauce.


Red peppers are by far the dominant flavour, with tomato and a little tang from the vinegar. There’s apparently smoked garlic in here, but this is pretty subtle compared with the pepper and tomato.

This is said to be their ‘flagship’ sauce - the first they made. It's warm rather than a hot one, I think - maybe mild-medium, although the heat lingers a little. It’s not a favourite for me but it’s definitely going to go down quickly.


The label is quite typical of a couple of hot sauce aesthetics. The image is of a skeleton (classic) on a horse (less so), possibly wearing a dress and holding a sword, although the details are slightly lost in the design. This is another popular approach, a white image on a transparent background, which is effectively a white image against the sauce’s orange, showing off the sauce colours nicely. At £4 per bottle this is one of the best-priced hot sauces out there.


I’ve got one more of their sauces to try, which will be the Nagatropolis. I’ve been putting this off. It looks to have similar flavours - the red pepper and tomato - but with Naga heat. This is clearly a company that likes their Bloody Marys.


£4 per 150ml / £26.67 per litre

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